The Most Unique Aspects Of The Clawhammer Banjo Style

If you’ve ever seen a bluegrass music group execute, you might have observed that the banjo person is truly the one particular standing up off to the side, smiling and bobbing their head combined with the tunes. What you possibly will not know is there’s a reason for this—the banjo is played out using a approach referred to as clawhammer.

Clawhammer banjo is really a type of taking part in which utilizes the back of the palm (hence the expression “claw”) to attack the strings within a downwards movement. This produces a “bouncing” noise that gives clawhammer banjo its exclusive noise. This kind of playing was delivered to America by Irish immigrants within the middle-1800s and rapidly distributed across the nation.

The trend regarding this

The buzz of clawhammer banjo peaked during the early twentieth century as it became frequently used in minstrel reveals and vaudeville acts. Even so, by the center of the century, clawhammer banjo got begun to decline in acceptance as other types of audio, for example rock and roll, had taken over the American music panorama.

Even with its drop in recognition, clawhammer banjo never truly gone apart. Lately, we have seen a resurgence in fascination with conventional American audio, culminating in the new age group of music artists that are trying to keep alive the seems of the forebears. If you’ve ever seen a bluegrass music group conduct, chances are they had a clawhammer banjo gamer somewhere onstage—smiling and bobbing their brain together with the tunes.


The clawhammer kind of banjo enjoying has origins that date back to 19th-century Ireland. It liked a period of recognition in the usa during the very early 20th century before slipping from love as other genres took over.

Lately, nonetheless, we have seen a renewed curiosity about traditional American tunes, creating a new era of clawhammer vs bluegrass participants who happen to be keeping this form of tunes full of life.

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